This plenary will be held on Saturday, June 24, 2017, 3:15-4:45, in the University Room, Hyde Hall.
Moderators: Miranda Yaggi (Indiana University), Cynthia Current (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Jenny Pyke (Wake Forest University)

This plenary invites scholars at all stages of their career—from Ph.D. student to tenured faculty—working at various institutions, including alt-ac jobs, community colleges, liberal arts schools, research universities, etc., to join us in a robust, no-holds-barred brainstorming session centered around supporting the range of non-tenure-track professionals becoming the norm rather than the exception in our vastly changing job market. To be clear: we are not discussing the troubling ethics and economics of universities increasingly relying on contingent labor. Such issues, while critical, are already topics of conversation elsewhere. Rather, this session intends to identify and collaboratively work toward concrete positive changes that support non-TT scholars. Together, our panelists and participants will map institutional challenges and then imagine—or reimagine—the kinds of support one needs in this changing landscape to build and maintain a scholarly identity. We will ask, for instance, what counts as “scholarship” and how can the category be reimagined to make visible a larger terrain of work? What kinds of resources do scholars need that non-TT jobs typically don’t provide, and how can organizations such as the BWWA, MLA, Digital Commons, academic journals and so on leverage their power to help facilitate access? How can teaching become more firmly cemented and expanded as a form of scholarship, especially as academic jobs become ever more teaching heavy? And how can we lead rather than follow the changes reshaping our field and our profession by embracing new opportunities and cross-curriculum partnerships?